Fisher Road School Hydrotherapy Pool, Fisher Road, Dee Why  - Wednesdays (3.45 - 5.45pm) and Saturday afternoons; and

Arranounbai School Hydrotherapy Pool, Aquatic Drive, Allambie Heights - Sunday am & pm

Parents and babies/toddler classes 
A fun but highly structured program from 6 months to roughly 3 years old, designed to teach essential water familiarisation and basic swimming and survival skills.  Using songs, nursery rhymes, pool toys and other teaching aids, we teach babies and toddlers how to enjoy and move through the water, jump in safely, return safely to the side and exit the pool, practice basic breathing techniques, and progress them through to the Learn to Swim classes where they are independent of their parents.  Our parents and babies love these lessons and find them a special time to bond and make memories, as well as offering the babies an opportunity to learn potentially lifesaving skills and a love of the water. Our qualified instructors for these lessons are all parents themselves and really understand what makes babies and toddlers tick.  

Learn to swim or improve classes for children  -  we offer highly personalised and tailored lessons in small groups or private classes which  are designed to teach your child to swim independently and with confidence and skill.  We take the time to study and assess your child as an individual, and structure each lesson individually to achieve real progression and take them as far as they want to go with their swimming skills.  

Learn to swim or improve lessons for adults - we often find that our adult swimmers prefer private lessons to either start them on their swimming journey, help ease anxiety about the water, or improve technique to enable competitive or ocean swimming.  Whatever your aims, our qualified and experienced instructors (some of whom are themselves surf life savers and competitive ocean swimmers) are happy to discuss a potential program with you to get you where you want to be.

Stroke correction for competent or competitive swimmers - from qualified and experienced stroke correction instructors.

Personalised swimming lessons in small groups tailored to target confidence, improvement and safety

Special needs welcome

Nervous swimmers welcome

Private lessons also available - call us or email us for more details